Load Management App for Log Truck Drivers

Dedicated job board

Find loads that are closer and more convenient for pickup and drop off. Drive empty for fewer miles and turn more profit.

Customized Job Boards

Customize your job boards. Be on certain job boards for certain jobs. Filter by the types of loads you’re looking for.

View Current Loads Available For Hauling

No more phone calls or searching. See the load, claim it, get it, haul it.

Summary Reports

Proof of haul for every load. Keep track of what you hauled without actually needing to keep track of what you hauled.

“Waldo has been a very useful tool for helping track and find wood loads for our trucking company. I find the map view very convenient for locating jobs and the weekly summary is great for keeping organized reports of our weekly hauls. The option to haul extra loads posted on Waldo’s load board gives this trucker new confidence. I no longer have to spend time making phone calls to find an extra load, I just spend 10 seconds claiming one on Waldo.”

-Michael, Trucker for Bastian Logging

Filter loads by job, destination, load type, and location.

Find the loads that fit your convenience. Don’t just take the one you know about. Know about all of them, compare, choose, and become more efficient.

  • Location – see where you are
  • Destination – choose where you’re going
  • Type – determine your load type

Rates and milage

See market rates and mileage to the nearest mill so you can plan your week. 

Add Photos To Loads

Visual documentation for claims of issue and proof of work.

Fuel Savings

Don’t waste fuel driving empty between drop off and pick-ups.

Plan your hauling

Document the entire process from pick up to drop off. Schedule pickups for three days in advance to know your routes before you even get started. Don’t waste time searching for wood, know where you’re going before you go. 

Birdseye view

No more guessing. Know where the job is, where the load is, and follow the given route to get there. A bird’s eye map view of the whole industry. 

Location sharing

Don’t go alone. If you run into trouble on the job, check your map and call the nearest driver for help.