Wood Management Software for Mills

The Waldo system automates manual workflows and reduces data entry.

Know What's Coming Before It Arrives

Our app notifies you of incoming loads and shows you the details for each load. As the load arrives, our platform pre-fills the ticket and gives you real-time information about the load including what type of wood, where it came from, who cut the wood, who hauled it, and more.

Real-Time Load Updates

Once the load has arrived at the mill, you can notify the foresters and landowners of the updated load status with the tap of a button. This allows you to certify that the load has been received and accounted for which is an important part of the audit trail.

Cut Down On Manual Data Entry

Waldo makes life easier for mill operators. By leveraging the data that’s already available in the app, manual data entry can be eliminated. This means big savings for your mill. By eliminating $15 per hour to punch things into the computer, Waldo can save a mill $30,000 in hard salary costs simply from data entry alone.

Complete Supply Chain Transparency

Waldo Logs gives you more than just a simple “load detail” list – we give you full transparency into your supply chain by providing digital records on each load of wood. Who cut it? Who hauled it? Who sold it to you? Waldo Logs is the only solution that provides full transparency into your wood supply chain – so you can be confident in your purchases.