Log Management ERP System

Waldo is an Enterprise Resource Planning system for the logging industry. Control your wood flow. Real-time inventory and productivity. Easy billing and data analysis.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Waldo connects and feeds into your existing finance, accounting, and inventory systems. Our central database allows land management companies to create dashboards for analyzing data. By viewing data across the company, smart decisions can be made to increase efficiency and profitably. 

When it comes time to share results with company stakeholders, use Waldo’s reporting tool to create different reports on productivity and trends. 

Continuous Contact

Be in contact with everyone at all times. See where they are and know what they are doing. Track your process.

Lower Trucking Costs

Reduce trucking costs by being more efficient and less travel between pick-ups and deliveries. Fewer empty trucks mean fewer empty miles. 

Tracking with a Trip Ticket

Track the changes in responsibility within the hauling process through the digital trip ticket. Know who made what change and follow the load from start to finish.

Authoritative Access

Your wood is in your control. Make any changes that you need – change locations, cancel a load, or shut down a driver. Everyone is on your property and you control your product.

Job Data with Aerial View

View pickup schedules and compare them to jobs in different areas for planning your travel.

Priority First

If you have multiple loads to post at the same time, but some are more important to be taken than others, you can quickly and easily prioritize the loads.

Real-time Control.

Make the changes you need when you need to with the click of a button. 

Update on command

Immediately react to market conditions and make updates to loads from received feedback. Report weather or road conditions to drivers or make changes to the delivery site.


Full access to all jobs remotely. Eliminate time-consuming phone calls and travel time to job sites. Get real time feedback from the job and manage from a distance.

Visual documentation

Document the entire process from pick up to drop off. Know who hauled each load, how much wood is available for haul, and how your loggers are performing at the touch of a button.