Log Management Software for Foresters

The Waldo platform was designed to connect everyone in the Forest industry to improve communication, increase profits, and streamline operations.

Real-Time Overview

We use cutting-edge technology to offer the most efficient forestry software on the market. With Waldo Logs you can get real-time overviews of the logging industry, digital records of who cut the wood, who is hauling it, and know what logs are still waiting to be hauled. All in one place.

Wood Inventory

Your wood is in your control. Make any changes that you need – change locations, cancel a load, or shut down a driver. Everyone is on your property and you control your product.

Total Job Control

Create jobs, assign loggers, enter haul rates, and more. The Waldo platform gives total control over jobs and allows foresters to:

  • Assign and approve truckers to pick up loads
  • Close jobs due to bad weather
  • Switch mill destinations with the press of a button

Update on command

Immediately react to market conditions and make updates to loads from received feedback. Report weather or road conditions to drivers or make changes to the delivery site.


Full access to all jobs remotely. Eliminate time-consuming phone calls and travel time to job sites. Get real time feedback from the job and manage from a distance.