Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions about our software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology. 

We don't want to post our loads to the public. Can I post loads only to a single trucker or group of truckers?

Yes, Waldo has a flexible system for controlling exactly who will see your loads when you post them. You can post to the public or to private boards.

We work with subcontractors who aren’t part of our company. Does Waldo allow us to work together on moving loads?

Yes, Waldo allows everyone to create their own companies and transfer loads through the system in a secure manner. Waldo was founded by a contractor who saw the need for this capability.

We have an existing accounting & settlements platform. Can Waldo integrate to this system?

Yes, Waldo allows for downloading all your trip ticket data in the CSV format which can then be uploaded to your existing system.

How does Waldo work in areas without cell phone reception?

Once the operator is back in service on that day, he can create his loads in the right location by tapping on the satellite map in Waldo. Once he creates a load, everyone is notified at once and he doesn’t have to answer phone calls all evening about the status of the Job.

Can we access Waldo data from desktop computers in the office?

Yes, Waldo has a web app where you can access all the real-time Waldo data.

Tell me more about Waldo's technology architecture and infrastructure.

Our platform is cloud-native so customers can reap the benefits of scalability and agility.

How often is the software updated?

Our multi-tenant architecture allows new features to be added monthly with zero disruptions, such that every customer benefits from their peers’ ideas.