The core of our business is creating a more efficient forestry supply chain.

Timber & Paper

Pulp and paper are seeing a resurgence following the sharp downturn in newspapers and magazines. This is due to the rise of environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable food packaging and wood-based products. 

Even the home and commercial construction industry recognizes the benefits of using wood-framed construction over steel and cement construction, as these are both major producers of greenhouse gases.

As consumers find alternatives to plastics, we see an increased use of trees as renewable resources which gives the industry a healthy outlook moving forward. 

Big Fuel Savings

The Waldo platform eliminates empty miles for truckers. This decreases the amount of fuel that’s wasted by driving empty logging trucks between drop-offs and pick-ups. Productivity is maximized while waste is minimized. 

At the end of the day, we’re reducing greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions by creating efficiencies in the logging process. 

Labor Efficiencies

By using Waldo, workers are exposed to less risk. Efficient communication between truckers, loggers, mills, and land managers lowers risks associated with employee safety and company financials. 

With national labor shortages comes increased automation and productivity. Waldo allows workers across the logging industry to improve their workflows and get more done.