Supply Chain Software for Loggers

Don’t waste time searching for trucks or waiting for them to find you. Post loads and get them picked up without thinking twice.

Control your wood flow

Your wood is in your control. Make any changes that you need. Change location, cancel a load, or shut down a driver. Everyone is on your property. You control your product.

Don't Search.
Be Found.

Dont search for trucks. Post the loads and let them find you. 

Choose Your Driver

Drivers can claim loads, but no pickup is final until you accept them onto your job site. Don’t let just anyone haul your wood.

Monitor Trucking Schedule

Know which truckers are coming to pick up your loads and when.

Reduce your paperwork

No more worrying about stacks of slips to track the hauling process. Track each exchange of responsibility easily from point A to B digitally and accurately. 

Location Sharing

Know where your drivers are at all times and let them know where to find you. 

Private Job Boards

Customize your job boards. Post certain loads for certain people and make sure you are getting the trucks you need. 

Weekly Summary Sheet

Keep track of how much wood has been hauled. All data is housed in-app. No need to manually track. 

Create log roads and see conditions

Double down on trucker efficiency. Send your trucker an exact map route to the load on site along with road condition details.  Let him know where it is for a quick easy pickup and get it on the road.


Write and save notes about your logging progress, site details, wood types, and more. 

Update on command

Immediately react to market conditions and make updates to loads from received feedback. Report weather or road conditions to drivers or make changes to the delivery site.

Real time job information

Document the entire process from pick up to drop off.