The Waldo Platform

Waldo is a Forestry 4.0 chain-of-custody Saas Platform and Mobile Apps enabling seamless communication for improved planning, control, transparency/real-time data, security, safety and reporting. 

Land Management

Manage Quotas

Real-Time Operator Location

Easy Weekly Summaries


Create Loads with a Few Clicks

See Trucker’s Schedules

Every Load is Accounted For


Loads Clearly Marked on the Map

Follow Log Roads Created by Forester

Everyone Gets Trip Updates


Real-Time Wood Inventory

Total Job Control

Assign and Approve Truckers


Real-Time Load Updates

Less Manual Data Entry

Supply Chain Transparency

Real Time Information

Waldo offers real-time information on job site progress, and a fast and efficient way for land management, foresters, loggers, truckers and mills to manage and coordinate their jobs while complying with chain-of-custody requirements.

Waldo compiles data electronically eliminating the need for the current paper system, providing unparalleled efficiencies to all parties.

Designed for Forestry Supply Chain

Our unlimited user model is designed for the Forestry Supply Chain. Connect everyone with one platform for seamless communication, real time data viewing, and powerful analysis.