Paperless trip tickets. And so much more!

Load tracking is effortless when everyone chips in.


Create Loads with a Few Clicks

See Trucker’s Schedules

Every Load is Accounted For


Loads Clearly Marked on the Map

Follow Log Roads Created by Forester

Everyone Gets Trip Updates

Land Management

Manage Quotas

Real-Time Operator Location

Easy Weekly Summaries

Paperless trip tickets on your phone.

Your wood belongs to you until it’s sold, so naturally being able to track your product as it is moved from the job to the mill is critical. With paperless trip tickets you can:

  • Access real-time inventory
  • Change destinations without a phone call
  • Eliminate inefficiencies with seamless communication

Everything you need.
At your fingertips.

All of your essential data is now in one spot.

  • Electronic trip tickets
  • Real time information
  • All your jobs in one place




Real-time inventory, productivity & monitoring

Full access to all jobs remotely. Eliminate time-consuming phone calls and travel time to job sites. Get real time feedback from the job and manage from a distance with the click of a button.

Dedicated job summaries

See what’s available, where it’s going, claim it, pick it up. Drop it off. Repeat.

Reduce your paperwork

No more worrying about stacks of slips to track the hauling process. Track each exchange of responsibility easily from point A to B digitally and accurately.