Paperless tickets and beyond

Where there’s trees. There’s Waldo. 

Waldo. For everyone in logging.

From land management, to driver, to office worker, Waldo allows the flow of wood to be controlled and analyzed. 

See Empty Trucks Near You

Post loads on Waldo Job Board

Approve Drivers for Each Load

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Claim Loads on Waldo Job Board

See Loads & Trucks Near You

Get Paid Faster

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Control Your Wood Flow

Real-time Inventory & Productivity

Easy Billing & Data Analysis

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Controlled Wood Flow.

Outstanding organization

Waldo mitigates the paper trail in the process of hauling. Anything that was once paper can now be organized within the app – never lost or mistracked. 

Full documentation

With the potential for many changes and exchanges on every tip ticket, Waldo keeps it all documented. 

Connection and control from top to bottom

From land management to the trucker, Waldo makes it possible to connect, communicate, and make changes to every step of the process.